Raising funds to support charities towards the conservation of wild life, endangered, threatened and at risk of extinction.

My passion is watercolour painting, both wild life and botanical. I paint original one off paintings and my hope is that I can raise funds towards the conservation of endangered and threatened species. WWF is one charity, amongst others that are trying to help. We need to act quickly before more of our wild creatures die out and raising awareness and funds in this way is my small contribution towards that aim.


If you feel the same and would like to commission an original watercolour painting then I will donate 60% of the profits from the sale of each painting to wild life conservation charities. I will only recover the cost of materials and postage. You will have an original one off original painting of your favourite creature knowing that you also contributed to its conservation.

Please go to my contact page to request further details of your favourite endangered creature and how to make a difference.

Thank you

Linda Latham

Three turtle paintings have now been donated to charity and are no longer available